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Dredge is an exploration-based journaling game about sailing through an enormous lake known as the Wringwaste, hauling up mysterious items from its depths as you go, while struggling to regain the memories you've lost. 

Throughout the course of the game, you will unearth a plethora of odd items, evade a malevolent denizen of the deep, and reveal a great mystery about the Wringwaste itself.

Dredge is written to be a solo experience, but the game can be played by multiple people taking on the role of the boat's cramped crew.

To play this game you will need: A deck of cards, two distinct-looking tokens, and a notebook or other method of writing journal entries.

This download contains: A complete rulebook, including instructions for play and 52 card-based prompts over 31 pages (about 5000 words total).

This game was built using the Carta SRD, by Peach Garden Games.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Played this on Episode 14 of Alone at the Table and had a great time! Got to play while I was at the beach for extra spookiness.

Loved listening to this - your storytelling was so suspenseful, and the sound of the waves was perfect ambience.

oh, thank you! The prose in the game was so evocative, it was a joy to play!

Hey, so is this the inspiration for the video game? 

Hah, I believe they just happen to have similar concepts with the same name! That would be super cool, but I think it's that another group happened on the very true thought that fishing in eldritch waters = fun & scary

played/hacked dredge with my friends as a multiplayer splatoon inspired turf wars like game. we had a lot of fun and think this game is really cool!


Just played this! I think this is a very nicely-written and atmospheric game, highly reminiscent of Sunless Sea (I put on the Sunless Sea soundtrack while I played). Playing it took me about twenty-five minutes.

I really really love the premise of this game, though I think it's more fun to read than to play - the "prompts" are so detailed that they don't feel like they leave much room for journal entries at all, and I found myself struggling to write more than a sentence apiece. It's a good read, though! 

I love this surreal and dreamy take on Carta! My favorite thing is the way the reality of the game changes when you reach the docks and remember why you're there.

Also my favorite Deep Hunter is the Diver. There's just something uniquely menacing about them!

Ah, thanks so much! The system was so fun to work with!