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MECHA HEARTS is a 4-player card-based game about a group of mech pilots facing problems together, learning about each other's fears and dreams, and tackling a huge final challenge with only each other at their backs.

Each rulebook includes instructions for play as well as short prompts to match with cards in a deck. Players will go through four rounds of prompt-based discussion and roleplay (if they so choose), followed by a dangerous final confrontation-- from which some of their pilots may not return. 

MECHA HEARTS is intended for single- or few-session gameplay, and is built for GM-less 4-player games. There are optional rules for fewer players, but a table of no fewer than 3 is recommended. 

To play this game you will need: 3-4 Players, a deck of playing cards (jokers excluded), something to serve as tokens.

This download contains: A simple ruleset, including the basic rules for the 4-pilot game, and an advanced ruleset, which has players also taking on the role of each other's mech AIs.

Content Warnings:
Death, Violence, Body Modification

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorAngel Eyes Games
GenreCard Game
TagsGM-Less, Mechs, Multiplayer, Sci-fi


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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MECHA HEARTS Basic Ruleset.pdf 304 kB
MECHA HEARTS Advanced Ruleset.pdf 306 kB


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Hi, it seems like there's no files to download, may the problem be on my end?

There should be 2 PDF files to download: a basic ruleset, and an advanced ruleset!

Seems like the problem was mine, I succeeded after changing browser. By the way I'm enjoying the read, I'll find some time to try it out :D

Glad to hear it! :)